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We are change agents, status quo questioners and drivers of excellence. We are love-led leaders and we will ignite change.

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Love-Led Leadership – Understood

Welcome! So happy you are here and that you’ve discovered love-led leadership.

I imagine you are here because love-led leadership resonates with you. Or perhaps you found yourself here because you are simply curious about love-led leadership. Love-led leadership is accessible to every person striving to maintain their dignity and the dignity of others. Love-led leaders are dedicated being accountable to themselves and others. They engage in leadership actions which promote compassion and creative effectiveness.

Experience has shown me that you might be here because….

  • You are an emerging or established leader whose self-confidence has been strangled by imposter syndrome.
  • You sit in team meetings, hand-overs and case conferences demoralized because your actions, your colleagues’ actions or your supervisors’ actions don’t align with your values – and you haven’t spoken up.
  • No one has ever asked you “what is your leadership framework?”
  • You speak with your colleagues and direct reports in ways that you feel guilty and ashamed of.
  • No one has ever asked you “who are you as a leader”?
  • You sit in staff rooms and board rooms angry, frustrated and scared because you feel unseen, unheard and undervalued.
  • You advocate for your patients, your clients, your team, your students and your loved ones and feel burned out and disempowered by the system or institution you work in.
  • You come home, drained. You stand at the kitchen counter overwhelmed and thinking “This is bullshit.” “I hate this.” “I can’t do this.” “Who am I to lead these people?” “I’m too young for this.” Or “I’m too old for this.”
  • You have said to yourself “I’m a fraud.” Or “If they only knew I had no idea what I am doing”
  • You know intuitively that you must be a love-led leader because when you heard about it, you said, “That’s me” and then “Why has no one ever mentioned this to me before”. And you got curious to see if you were not alone.

 I can reassure you. You are not alone.

We Are Change Agents

We stick our hands up and ask questions. We stand up for equity. We advocate for patients, clients, students, colleagues and ourselves. We courageously fight our burnout. We want to shatter imposter syndrome. We believe we do not need to let go of what makes us connect and care about our work and the people we work with to be a great leader.

We don’t believe what we have been told; that a successful leader is dispassionate, separate and above others.

That way of thinking is over. We will not be isolated in our beliefs that being love-led can make a massive, positive change in ourselves and in others.

We know that as the oldest form of leadership, love-led leadership is grounded in evidence and breaks through the boundaries created by gender and cultural norms and workplace cultures.

And yet.

Love-led leaders have not had the language, strategies or global community to engage in it personally and professionally.  

At least we haven’t.

Until now.

Welcome to love-led leadership.  

To see what we believe


Our Mantra

Our mantra is simple: be love-led.

Love-led leaders work in systems that prize efficiency over humanity and equate love to weakness. We want to change this and it starts with our intentions. The world’s healthcare and education systems need visible love-led leaders now more than ever. Be love-led.

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