Sheena Howard & Associates

A health care insider secret:

Nurses want to help.


In my primary care nursing practice, I see anyone who comes through my door.

In my RN, Psychotherapy practice, when I receive a referral or request for help, I want to help everyone. Full stop.

And…my psychotherapy practice is full…and I have a wait list. It hurts to turn people away when they bravely reach out for help.

I want to make sure that my door is always open.

When someone comes to my door, I want them to walk in and find the help they need.


I created an associate practice filled with RN, Psychotherapists who I wholeheartedly believe in and trust. AND My associates are brilliant people who deeply believe in and practice love-led leadership.

They are outstanding professionals whose experience is as diverse as the people they care for.

They are experts in their fields of nursing and bring their talent for connection and compassion to their psychotherapy practice.

If you are matched with one of my associates, I know you are in good hands.

I trust my associates will walk confidently alongside you wherever you are in your journey and support you to reclaim your life and restore your belief in yourself.

If my approach resonated with you, I know theirs will too.

Click their profiles below to find out more about them and to schedule a free 15min consult to see if you’d be a good fit. Or, if what you read about them makes you say, “this is the one!”, you can book an intake appointment there too.

Luke French

Luke is my original associate. For good reason – it takes a special person to be your first associate!

Luke’s holistic, person-centered style is a blend of compassion, empathy, and openness which supports his rich and integrative approach to psychotherapy. Luke works with adults and teens virtually across Ontario and in-person in Peterborough, Ontario.

Luke may be a good fit for you if

  • You want to manage your depression and anxiety in a healthy way
  • You would like to re-focus your view of stress management or repetitive thoughts
  • You are ready to address and recover from substance use
  • You need to discover a better way to manage life changes, transition, or loss
  • You want a compassionate, empathy driven practical approach to addressing your concerns

Michelle Daleo

From the first moment I met Michelle, I felt safe in her compassionate presence and curious nature. I have trusted her from that point on and immediately knew she would be a fantastic fit in my associate practice!

I would describe Michelle’s approach to her practice as grounding and ground-swelling. A brilliant combination of a practical approach and dynamic practice.

Michelle encourages her clients to become anchored within themselves,
focused on their healing while encouraging expansion by holding the space for them to learn, grow and thrive. Michelle sees adults virtually across Ontario.

Michelle might be a good fit for you if

  • You want to manage your stress and anxiety in a healthy way
  • You need support at any stage of your fertility journey
  • You feel like you need help with your grief and loss
  • You need to discover a better way to manage a big change or
  • You’d like honesty and compassion in your therapist
  • You want a practical approach to addressing your concerns

Kelly Lawrence

Coming Soon this New Year!