We are fighting this pandemic with an epidemic  

An epidemic is something that affects or tends to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time.

And as far as I can tell, many of us are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with an unexpected and promising epidemic of love-led leadership.


We are seeing examples everywhere

Media – all media – are rich with examples of the love-led leadership epidemic.

Nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers continue working despite not having adequate protection because they care.

Formal healthcare leaders are desperately advocating for governments to get busy getting us more PPE. The WHO is mobilizing nations to stem the tide of COVID-19.

Neighbors helping neighbors by bringing them food and much needed medication.

Balcony sing-a-longs.

Acts of humility, empathy, and vulnerability.

People choosing social distancing over the internal struggle of loneliness.

You cannot log on or turn on without seeing or hearing about an act of LLL somewhere in the world…

Am I right?


It’s needed right now

Love-led leaders are needed now more than ever.

Would you agree?

No matter where you are standing in the world, you are a leader.  You have the capacity to embrace and utilize LLL and positively impact a huge amount of people.  We can see its positive effects everywhere.

If you are the leader of a nation who must use command and control – you can lead us with LLL.  We do not need cold and distant.  We need connection and confidence.

If you are a healthcare leader in charge of the wellbeing of 1000s of healthcare heroes or the health of millions of people – using LLL is imperative for our collective safety.

If you are a healthcare worker, use your LLL to innovate and reimagine care provision alongside patients. Together, we can use our collective lived expertise to change the face of healthcare.

If you are teaching online, you can use LLL to promote the connections between yourself and your students to keep them grounded and anchored in routine.


The epidemic needs to keep spreading 

Spreading LLL is the goal of the Global Love-Led Leadership movement and the counter to the negative effects of COVID-19 and enforced distancing.

To keep fighting the current pandemic and the very real threat of trauma and loneliness that may come in its wake, we must continue spreading the epidemic of LLL.

We have always needed one another and always needed love.

The love that honors the feelings of concern for others promotes strong affection between people, gives rise to a dedication to others’ wellbeing and the maintenance of their dignity.  This kind of love is the glue that binds us.

As a collective whole, we have forgotten this…


Until now.


We now clearly see how interconnected we are and how our actions have real-time effects on others.

As the Founder of the Global Love-Led Leadership Movement, I know the importance of LLL visibility.

To keep spreading this epidemic we must continue to engage in and share our love-led actions and name them as love-led. In this way, people will mirror our actions and bring the epidemic of LLL to a tipping point.

We are getting close to this tipping point and the entire world stands to benefit if it does.

Imagine what the world may be like if the LLL epidemic spread so widely that it positively impacted the future of our healthcare, education, justice, and environmental systems…


I want to find out. What about you?


Ready to start?

Share your #loveledleadership action with us on social. If you spot a #loveledleader share their action with your followers and tag me.

Amplify #loveledleadership by sharing this blog post. Publicly declare yourself a #loveledleader and ask others to join you.

Welcome to the Global Love-Led Leadership Movement.

Let’s spread this love-led epidemic to fight this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.


Are you in?




Sheena is a proud positive deviant, status quo questioner and change agent. Sheena uses love-led leadership and the be LOVE-LED™ Framework in mentoring, coaching, and consulting emerging or existing leaders to move themselves, their teams and their organizations toward positive change. She has seen love-led leadership actions reduce and reverse the cycle of fear, shame, blame, and guilt that create burnout and imposter syndrome.  Sheena has witnessed the devastating effects when love-led leadership isn’t used by leaders and never wants to see that again. She is the Founder of The Global Love-Led Leadership Movement which strives to share love-led leadership around the world and connect other love-led leaders with each other for networking and mentorship.