Write what you need to read.  That’s what folks say when they get sick of hearing you complain that no one is talking about the thing you are interested in.

Since I became a nurse over 15 years ago, I have been inhaling books, articles, podcasts and videos about leadership styles and how to apply them. I’ve also wanted to read about nurses and doctors who have struggled to become a nurses and doctors, struggled to stay in nursing and medicine and about nurses and doctors who want to improve their experience of nursing and medicine, work and patients’ experiences of healthcare.  Secretly, I have always wanted to read about other nurses and healthcare leaders like me who love their patients, their work, their healthcare organizations and believe in our healthcare system.

So, I went to grad school and wrote what a needed to read: a thesis defining what kind of leadership that keeps me engaged in my profession, my practice and my patients, colleagues, friends and family.  After writing it, I realized that I couldn’t be the only one who needed to read about it so decided I needed to share it with you and the global nursing and medical community.


And here it is:  This is a blog about love-led leadership.

This blog will explore love-led leadership, its characteristics, where we see and don’t see love-led leadership, the risks to ourselves and our patients when we don’t show up as love-led leaders personally, at the bedside or in the boardrooms and how love-led leadership can fundamentally change our practice and personal lives. It will also explore burnout, our mental health and current issues in healthcare.

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I am a love-led leader, an inspirational mentor and coach with exceptional communication skills. I am a strategic leader and systems thinker with a proven ability to be successful in change management, team facilitation, project development and management. I am currently working in Primary Care as a full scope RN and am a professor at Fleming College. I am the President of RNAOs Primary Care Nurses of Ontario Interest Group, Co-Founder and Chair of the Peterborough & County LGBTQ Task Force.