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Love-Led Leadership

We no longer want to work in a system that expects us to do more, be more and feel less. It’s burning us out and leaving our patients less safe. We are questioning this status quo using personal and professional love-led leadership actions to promote belonging, acceptance and dignity between all people. Between patients and providers. Between leaders and staff. Between nurses and doctors. Between us and them. We no longer want to hide that we love our work, our patients, our colleagues and healthcare. We are striving to make love-led leadership visible.

Our Beliefs

We Believe

Be love-led. It is that simple. Be love-led in your personal and professional life. And, it is hard. It is hard because our systems equate love to weakness.

We know that fighting back against this is exhausting because we feel alone in the fight to prove love is a strength.

We are not alone.

There are more love-led leaders that they realize and we believe the love-led leadership characteristics have the power to positively transform our teams, our organizations, our relationships, our vocation and ourselves. When used together, we believe it will ignite change.

Love-Led Leadership Authenticity


Promotes Dignity

Love-Led Leadership Accountability


Prevents Fear

Love-Led Leadership Passion


Sparks Creativity

Love-Led Leadership Vulnerability


Is Courage

Love-Led Leadership Empathy


Supports Freedom

Love-Led Leadership Humility


Creates Quality

Sheena Howard Love-Led Leadership


Sheena Howard, BNSc, MA, RN, Psychotherapist

What Sheena’s does:

Using the love-led leadership framework, Sheena provides emerging and established healthcare and education leaders with practical tools, strategies and an online community which enable them to lead confidently and effectively in their life and work.

In Sheena’s own words:

I’ve been described as transformative health leader and coach who is authentic, funny, engaging, passionate and empathetic.

All true.

I’ve been blamed for being optimistic, creative, a positive disrupter, an outlier, early adopter and thought leader.

I accept the blame.

I am a love-led leader and the hallmarks of my work are advocacy, curiosity, pattern seeking and human connection. I’ve devoted my entire nursing career to sitting with thousands of people across the age and gender spectrum while they share their fears, losses, traumas, joys and wild hopes with me. I have seen humans at their most vulnerable and believe that my work in caring for humans is love made visible. I have experienced the positive power of love-led leadership in action and experienced devastating effects when it is absent. I never want to see that again. I’ve used the love-led leadership framework to overcome the paralyzing fear of thinking I was an imposter and used it to recover burnout and then thrive in my life and work. I want to share love-led leadership with the world and have us use love-led leadership as the primary leadership model for healthcare and educational leaders, organizations and systems so that we can be a force for positive change within our professions and ourselves.

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