Episode Highlights
  • Kevin Kirkpatrick and Sheena Howard discuss what love-led leadership, its characteristics and how it can make a difference in the healthcare system in Canada and beyond
  • Love-led leadership is an authentic and values-based leadership philosophy which can inspire positive change in your personal leadership and your healthcare teams and organization
Key Points
  • A positive mistake making culture can improve provider satisfaction at work
  • Love-led leadership requires accountability to self and others, especially to marginalized communities and patients
  • Love-led leadership actions improve communication and the be LOVE-LED Framework provides a model for engaging in difficult conversations
  • Love-led leadership is the practice of relationship-centered care


“When we go on a journey with patients that is when love-led leadership is seen.”
—Sheena Howard


“When we apply The Love-Led Leadership Framework we can engage in trusting relationship building and we can see success overall.”
—Sheena Howard


“Love-Led Leadership is the practice of relationship-centered care.”
—Sheena Howard

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Sheena is a proud positive deviant, status quo questioner and change agent. Sheena uses love-led leadership and the be LOVE-LED™ Framework in mentoring, coaching, and consulting emerging or existing leaders to move themselves, their teams and their organizations toward positive change. She has seen love-led leadership actions reduce and reverse the cycle of fear, shame, blame, and guilt that create burnout and imposter syndrome.  Sheena has witnessed the devastating effects when love-led leadership isn’t used by leaders and never wants to see that again. She is the Founder of The Global Love-Led Leadership Movement which strives to share love-led leadership around the world and connect other love-led leaders with each other for networking and mentorship.