Shift Change Love Led Leadership (Part 1)

Today’s guest is Sheena Howard. Sheena Howard is a full-scope primary care registered nurse who was born and raised in Ontario. She graduated from Queen’s University School of Nursing, 2003, and began her career in Northern BC on an isolated island as a public health and primary care advanced practice nurse. Through a social justice lens, she worked alongside the community consisting of indigneous and non-indigenous people, to improve access to community healthcare, notably creating the first free birth control and prenatal group clinics, a model for prenatal patients in rural BC.


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Episode Highlights:

We start by discussing her discovery of nursing through a library pamphlet and go on to talk about:

  • Nursing in the small community of Haida Gwaii
  • Her love for primary care nursing
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ patients and providing safe spaces
  • What love-led leadership is and its six characteristics

Check back in two weeks for Part 2 where we’ll talk about how to apply love led leadership into your work.

Key Points:

  1. Make the phone call. Ask for people to share their advice and experience.
  2. There is no one way to be a leader.
  3. Embrace your vulnerability and empathy


“Leadership transcends the personal and the professional. You can’t be a different person at home than in the workplace.”
—Sheena Howard


“Love led leadership allows you the ability to meet people where they’re at.”
—Sheena Howard


“We often want to be seen as a strong leader, but we ask people to be vulnerable and authentic with us. We need to model to them that we’re an authentic person first. It allows us to show up in a completely different way.”
—Sheena Howard

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Sheena is a proud positive deviant, status quo questioner and change agent. Sheena uses love-led leadership and the be LOVE-LED™ Framework in mentoring, coaching, and consulting emerging or existing leaders to move themselves, their teams and their organizations toward positive change. She has seen love-led leadership actions reduce and reverse the cycle of fear, shame, blame, and guilt that create burnout and imposter syndrome.  Sheena has witnessed the devastating effects when love-led leadership isn’t used by leaders and never wants to see that again. She is the Founder of The Global Love-Led Leadership Movement which strives to share love-led leadership around the world and connect other love-led leaders with each other for networking and mentorship.