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We Are Love-Led Leaders

Do you see yourself reflected here?

  • You were recently promoted to a leadership role and the fire it lit under you is now flaming out.
  • You’ve been standing at a patient’s bedside and hating your work because the system and your workplace has burned you out.
  • You have been walking through the door of your home and feeling guilty because your family won’t get the best from you; you are so distracted from thinking you are a fraud.
  • You believe you can’t lead your team because you don’t belong in leadership and no one has stepped up to coach you; they’ve thrown you to the wolves.
  • You are telling yourself you can’t do this. But you know you could be great if you had help.
  • You are losing faith in yourself and your abilities because you can’t hold yourself or others accountable.
  • You’re demoralized and backing away from tough decisions because you don’t have a firm grasp on how you lead or what your leadership framework is.
  • You tell yourself and others you only got this job because it was luck not because of your talents.

If you resonate with one (or more!) of these scenarios and don’t want to give up yet, let me show you how we can use love-led leadership to transform your leadership and leave being isolated, lonely, self-critical, ashamed, guilty, unsuccessful and demoralized behind.

The solutions below give you the freedom to use love-led leadership as your personal and professional leadership framework. You will gain a global community of like-minded leaders striving to be love-led. You will watch yourself become more confident in your leadership and feel aligned with your values and your vocation. You will work hard to shatter your imposter syndrome and reduce and reverse your burnout.

Love-Led Leadership Solutions

4 Packages

Services Package 3 #loveledleadership

solution 1

The Love-Led Leadership Course

This is the first course about love-led leadership in the world! 

    In this 2 week course, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to understand love-led leadership as an emerging, evidence-based leadership philosophy.

    You will discover the six characteristics of love-led leadership and will focus on examining how you apply these in your current personal and professional leadership.

      This course is for you if you had an “A-ha” moment when you learned about love-led leadership and if you are curious about what love-led leadership is and be validated for your leadership lens.

      Want to know more about love-led leadership And how to apply it in a healthcare or educational setting? Ready to declare yourself a love-led leader but want the evidence to support you to do it?

      Great! You can purchase the course below…

      Sheena Howards Keynote Speaking Services Package 1 Balm for Burnout

      Solution 2

      The be LOVE-LED™ Blueprint

      This course is the perfect companion to The Love-Led Leadership Course.  The Blueprint Course is the practical, how-to guide for applying love-led leadership.

        The be LOVE-LED™ Blueprint is the “how-to” of love-led leadership.  In this 2 week course, you will discover how to apply the Blueprint which will strengthen your leadership to establish deep connections, build trust, goodwill and rapport while increasing your capacity to build authentic relationships and effective teams

        This course is for you if you have been wondering how to practically apply love-led leadership in your personal and professional leadership and you have a desire to connect with yourself and those you lead.

          Get the Love-Led Bundle for only $277

          Want the knowledge and know-how of love-led leadership?
          The Bundle includes our two most popular courses…
          The ONLY ones in the world on love-led leadership.
          Way to make history!

          Get the Bundle
          The Love Led-Leadership Course AND The be LOVE-LED Course
          and save!

          Sheena Howards Keynote Speaking Services Package 2 Love Bomb

          Solution 3

          The Love-Led Leadership Lab

          An intimate members-only group mastermind exclusively for emerging and existing love-led leaders who are ready to lean into their leadership and share and grow with other love-led leaders.

            You don’t have to go it alone. The journey to being a love-led leader can be lonely as you sift through “helpful” leadership advice that just doesn’t resonate with you. This is not just another fluffy Facebook Group.  This is a high-end mastermind for those seriously committed to being love-led leaders.

            Solution includes ( Monthly ):

            • 2 live coaching sessions with Sheena
            • Private Facebook Group
            • Creative Visualizations 

            Solution includes ( Annually ):

            • 2 live coaching sessions with Sheena
            • Private Facebook Group
            • Creative Visualizations
            • Course Discount up to 50%
            • A FREE ticket to ALL Lab Workshops
              Services Package 4 Love Your Work

              Solution 4

              The Love-Led Leadership Lab      Coaching Package (6 weeks)

              Be equipped with a greater capacity to embrace vulnerability, passion, accountability, empathy, humility and authenticity.

                Traditionally saved for members of The Love-Led Leadership Academy, this package will support your deep dive into love-led leadership as your personal and professional leadership philosophy.  These transformative sessions with Sheena will equip you with a greater capacity to embrace your vulnerability, passion, accountability, empathy, humility and authenticity. You will be prepared, confident and excited to use love-led leadership to drive success in your teams, your organization and yourself.  

                  Solution Includes:

                  • FREE 30min discovery session with event organizer
                  •  6 one-on-one coaching sessions with Sheena

                  Book a discovery session with Sheena to discuss this package!


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