The Connected

Couple’s Virtual


Still in love with your partner but can’t seem to get your communication right?

Are you and your partner connected but fight unfairly?

Whisper under your breath when they walk out of the room? Rather than asking for what you need?

Roll your eyes behind your partner’s back?  Instead of expressing your hurt?

Sigh really loud and hope your partner asks what’s up?

Spent so much time around each other during COVID yet feel more apart than ever?

Wish for more intimacy but just can’t talk to your partner about it?

We get it.


We really do.


Because our clients have been telling us this is what has been happening to them.

So we know you are not alone.

They want to learn how to communicate their frustrations



their love to their partner so that their partner can HEAR THEM.


They have kids, dogs, work, self-care, gardens, extended family, friends, and aging parents that need each of their attentions.

And so their time is limited and split.

So they feel guilty that they can’t commit to reading books about making their relationship better or attending weeks-long couples therapy.

Does this sound familiar?

That is why we developed The Connected Couples Workshop!

You and your partner will come away with:


  • practical communication strategies you can implement right away

  • more compassion for your partner and yourself

  • discover how to improve intimacy in your relationship

  • a deeper understanding of how & why you and your partner react when angry

  • how to listen deeply when your partner is expressing frustration

  • how to express yourself without anger when you are frustrated

  • a gorgeous, step by step Connected Couple’s Workbook

Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Imagine being a connected, compassionate, and loving couple who can communicate in a healthy and proactive way…


We know it sounds wonderful!


And it IS possible!


Sound good?


Great!  Here is what you need to know to register:

Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, the Connected Couples Workshop is being postponed to a future date yet to be determined.

If you would like to be kept on the waitlist for the next session, please email  Thank you for your kind understanding.

Sheena and Kate”

We cannot wait to welcome you both to this practical and engaging workshop and walk alongside you both as you connect more deeply with each other!

Meet the Facilitators

Sheena Howard, BScN, MA,RN, Psychotherapist

Kate Griffin, RSW, MSW, Psychotherapist